If anyone would like to comment on this please contact

Paula Langford-Smith at OS on 023 80 792103

any pressure on OS would be welcome particularly concerning the use of the
explorer map as an historical resource.


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>  read this morning in 'The Times' that the OS is intending to remove
> of worship from their maps that are no longer used for religious worship.
> If this is so do they also intend to remove all known 'religious/ritual
> monuments' that are no longer used for such purposes?

My understanding was it's even worse than that - they propose to remove all
places of worship, current or otherwise, whose builders were not condiderate
enought to provide them with a tower, spire, dome or minaret!  Oh yes, and
parish boundaries will have to go to make room for "Right to Roam" areas.
I'm stocking up with current maps now - come to think of it maybe that's
this is all about, a cunning marketing ploy to induce panic buying :-)