Dear WG Members,
Now that the DCMI has published the latest Usage Board (UB) changes to the
DC vocabulary (educationLevel, bibliographicCitation, etc.) it is important
that they be included in our RDF schemas, and in the metadata registry.  At
the same time I propose adding a few additional properties to each of the
terms defined in the schemas.  The additional properties are:

- the dcmi-type (i.e., element, element-refinement, etc.)
- the term version
- the date-modified

Each of these properties have been approved by, and are maintained by, the
UB.  This additional information is important to the registry and is not
expected to create problems for existing applications.  The new schemas have
been generated automatically from the UB Vocabulary Management System (VMS),
and XSLT scripts (written by Mitsuharu Nagamori).   They are available for
review and comment at the following URLs:


It is important that we publish the new schemas, and import them into the
registry, in a timely manner.  To that end I would like to invite discussion
regarding them, on this mailing list, for a period ending 3-15-2003.
Following this discussion, providing there are no valid objections, we will
announce this change to dc-general.

Best Regards,
Harry Wagner
Dublin, OH  43017
(614) 761-5178
mailto:[log in to unmask]