On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 08:15:45AM -0500, Harry Wagner wrote:
> > It seems like "dc:title dc:relation http://...#recommended"
> > would work as a stopgap measure, though it is awfully vague.
> > Perhaps members of this list have a better suggestion?
> Being able to provide term status in the registry would be nice, but is not
> required.  I would prefer to see 'hasStatus' added as a refinement to
> dc:relation than to define it as a generic relation, or as a term in the dcu
> (?) schema.  Is this something the UB will consider?  Also, can you
> elaborate on what the dcu schema is and what it will define?  Thanks.


At present, the putative RDF schema for dcu: is an aspect
of a strawman I am developing for discussion at the Usage
Board meeting in June.  According to the strawman, the schema
would declare

   for Status:            dcu:status
   for Qualifies:         dcu:qualifies
   for Decision:          dcu:decision
   for Version:           dcu:version

The nitty-gritty of Usage-Board-specific terms need not concern
this list.  However, it would be very helpful to hear arguments
for or against declaring Usage-Board-specific terms (such as
the above) as opposed to using existing terms from DC or RDF
(as Harry advocates) -- even in cases where existing terms
may be defined quite broadly or generically.



Title:       Usage Board Application Profile (draft)
Creator:     Tom Baker
Date:        2003-03-12

   Name:              The unique token assigned to the term.
   Namespace:         The Uniform Resource Identifier of the namespace
                      within which the term is defined.
   URI:               The Uniform Resource Identifier used to uniquely
                      identify a term.
   Label:             The human-readable label assigned to
                      the term.
   Definition:        A statement that represents the concept
                      and essential nature of the term.
   Type of term:      The type of term, such as Element or Encoding
                      Scheme, as described in the DCMI Grammatical
   Status:            Status assigned to term by the DCMI Usage Board,
                      as described in the DCMI Usage Board Process.
   Date issued:       Date on which a term was first declared.

When appropriate:
   Comment:           Additional information about the term
                      or its application.
   See:               A link to authoritative documentation.
   References:        A citation or URL of a resource referenced
                      in the Definition or Comment.
   Refines:           A reference to a term refined by an Element
   Qualifies:         A reference to a term qualified by an Encoding

   Date modified:     Date on which a term declaration was subsequently
   Decision:          A link to the Usage Board decision describing
                      the creation or modification of a term
   Version:           An historical version of a term declaration.
   Replaces:          A reference to the immediately precedent
                      historical version of a term declaration.
   Is Replaced By:    A reference to the immediately subsequent
                      historical version of a term declaration.

RDF schema bindings:
   Name:              NOT USED
   Namespace:         rdfs:isDefinedBy   rdf:resource="xxx"
   Label:             rdfs:label         xml:lang="en-US"
   Definition:        rdfs:comment       xml:lang="en-US"
   Type of term:      rdf:type           rdf:resource="http://.../#element"
   Status:            dcu:status         rdf:resource="http://.../#recommended"
   Date issued:       dcterms:issued
   Comment:           dc:description     xml:lang="en-US"
   See:               rdfs:seeAlso       rdf:resource="http://..."
   References:        dcterms:references rdf:resource="http://.../#W3CDTF"
   Refines:           rdfs:subPropertyOf
   Qualifies:         dcu:qualifies
   Date modified:     dcq:Modified
   Decision:          dcu:decision       rdf:resource = "uri"
                      -- Harry Wagner suggests dcterms:isReferenceBy
   Version:           dcu:version        rdf:resource = "uri"
                      -- Harry Wagner suggests dcterms:hasVersion
   Replaces:          NOT USED
   Is Replaced By:    NOT USED

Terms that would need to be declared in a Usage Board namespace:
   Status:            dcu:status
   Qualifies:         dcu:qualifies
   Decision:          dcu:decision
   Version:           dcu:version

Vocabulary for "Status"

Vocabulary for "Type of Term"

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