First conference of the European Social Simulation Association, hosting the SIMSOC VI workshop, Thursday September 18 to Sunday September 21 2003, Groningen The Netherlands

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Social simulation is contributing increasingly to the understanding of social dynamics, organizational processes and provides a test-bed for managing systems involving human behavior. The ESSA conference is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners to present their latest results and to demonstrate new applications and technologies. The conference will provide a platform to share and discuss the newest developments within the field with colleagues originating from different disciplines.

Originally this meeting was planned to be solely a SIMSOC VI workshop, but due to the recent establishment of the ESSA the meeting has been transformed into a conference with a broader scope. Nevertheless, we will keep certain aspects of the original SIMSOC format, which holds that each accepted contribution will be allotted a 45-minute slot for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion. Next to plenary sessions there will be a number of parallel sessions devoted to specific topics. Since the focus is on in depth discussion of the papers, only a limited number of contributions can be accepted. In addition, a number of papers will be accepted for a poster presentation.

One of the parallel sessions will be exclusively focused at the scope we defined for the SIMSOC VI workshop, the theoretical and empirical foundations of agents’ architectures, which is described in more detail at The other parallel sessions cover other topics of social simulation as covered by the ESSA (


If you wish to present at the ESSA conference, you should submit an extended abstract of about 2000 -3000 words before MAY 1, 2003. If you have a special interest of presenting your work in the SIMSOC session please indicate that on top of the abstract. This abstract should be emailed in plain text to [log in to unmask]

More information on the ESSA conference, the SIMSOC and the city of Groningen can be found at: