A visually stunning fortnightly visuals & poetry season resumes at LOOP Monday Oct 13 from 7-30 pm. Admission is free, drinks are affordably priced, the raffle is worth winning.

KILLING KEN READINGS @ LOOP      23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Featured poets collaborate fully with visual artists, Tim Webster (test pattern) and Myvanwy utilizing Loop's large format screens.  'Amazing visuals' was Steve Grimwade of RRR FM's comment on vj Myvanwy & poet Alison Croggon at Killing Ken # 4, and The Age's Gig Ryan thought test pattern's visuals for the first Killing Ken simply 'Awesome'.

The five Killing Ken readings scheduled to complete 2003 are:-

Oct 13: Myvanwy (visuals) & Peter Murk (poetry) - MC Hugh Tolhurst

Oct 27: test pattern (visuals) & Nigel Roberts (poetry) - MC Hugh Tolhurst

Nov 10: Myvanwy (visuals) & Kate Fagan (poetry) - MC Peter Salmon

Nov 24: test pattern (visuals) & The Apparition (poetry) - MC Hugh Tolhurst

Dec 8: Myvanwy (visuals) & Hugh Tolhurst (poetry) - MC Amanda Wallace

Killing Ken engages a new, young and progressive poetry audience, including artists of all different art forms and Killing Ken includes large open sections for its talented audience.

Peter Murk is a legend of live poetry, known for his wit and epigrammatic flair. Both a poet and a novelist, he was co-founder of The Spinning Room readings.

Nigel Roberts is the king of Balmain poetry, known as both a beat poet and a jazz poet he is the author of In Casablanca for the Waters, Steps for Astaire and Deja vu Tours.

Kate Fagan is widely known in her home town of Sydney as both an exciting poet and musician. Her first collection The Long Moment is published by Salt in the UK.

The Apparition is also known as K.F. Pearson, the mysterious author of many books including The Apparition's Daybook, Melbourne Elegies and the forthcoming The Apparition Returns.

Hugh Tolhurst is editing Australian Poetry 1970-2005. He is a poet-critic and bass player and the author of Filth and Other Poems and the forthcoming Beautiful Infidels.

The Killing Ken raffle allows participants/audience members to win books donated by Black Pepper press, Eaglemont Books and Readings, Carlton.

HOOK@LOOP is a not-for-profit association formed to commission, invite and present cultural activities across of wide range of contemporary media. HOOK@LOOP is an innovative, eclectic program of visual and aural art forms.

Further enquiries: Loop program directors, Adam Bunny & George Giannopoulos 03 9654 0500
Sound Engineer, Alex Giannopoulous, 03 9654 0500,

Master of ceremonies, Killing Ken Oct 13, Oct 27 and Nov 24, Hugh Tolhurst, 03 9531 6701