I'm not getting any of these letters, so should I be worried that I'm not actually registered as a candidate?  I haven't received my new handbook either, so am beginning to wonder if I've dropped off the list!  Maybe I shouldn't be too concerned though, as I know exactly when my qualifying period began and ends, and from the sound of all these e-mails to the list, I'd only end up confused!
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I'm getting more and more confused with every letter CILIP send out.
A simple answer written in plain English would be very welcome.
Richard Ingham
Lancaster University Library
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I'm totally confused about this, having received 2 letters from CILIP last week.  The first came with a copy of the new regulations book, and said that as a candidate registered under 1991 or 1995 regulations, I could consider the submission methods in the new regulations as an additional option to those under the 1991 or 1995 regulations.  The very next day I received another letter, which seemed to say in one paragraph that I have until October 2004 to submit under the old regulations, and in the next paragraph invited me to apply for an extension to the deadline if I believed I had "genuine mitigating circumstances" that had prevented me submitting within the deadline.  Does this mean an extension to the October 2002 deadline, or the October 2004 deadline?
I'm attending a Chartership event at CILIP headquarters this evening, where I hope to get a clear answer and some inspiration to actually make a start on this (again).  If we don't hear from CILIP via the list on this today, I'll post again tomorrow and let you know what I found out.
Best wishes,
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I missed the October deadline and have been wondering since "what now?" Yesterday received wonderful letter from Headquarters re deadlines and changes etc. I am really non the wiser, does it say that we still have until 2004 to submit? Can anyone enlighten me?
Kath Daley
Liverpool Community College