An Introduction to MIMAS Bibliographic Services
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A course providing an introduction to a range of MIMAS Bibliographic
Services will be taking place shortly in both Manchester and London.
Attendance on the course is completely FREE of charge.

When and Where:
  Manchester: Wednesday 29 October 2003, 10:30am-4:00pm.
  Held at Manchester Computing, University of Manchester.

  London: Wednesday 12 November 2003, 10:30am-4:00pm.
  Held at the Maughan Library, King'sCollege, London, Chancery Lane.

Course content:
This is an overview course providing a basic introduction to a range
of MIMAS bibliographic services. There will be a demonstration of the
main features of each service, followed by a hands-on session. This
offers the opportunity to get to grips with each service in an
unhurried situation, with service support staff available to answer
questions and provide assistance.

Many of the demonstrations will not only illustrate how to use the
services, but also discuss the underlying search mechanisms and
consider future developments.

During the day the following services will be covered:

- Archives Hub: FREE access to a searchable database of nearly 15,000
  archive collections held in UK universities and colleges. Currently
  includes archive collections from over 60 institutions. The Archives
  Hub is one strand of the newly emerging National Archives Network.

- COPAC: FREE access to the merged catalogues of 24 of the
  largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus
  the British Library and National Library of Scotland. An
  experimental interface includes access to the catalogues of the
  National Libraries of Wales and Scotland, along with a Map search
  interface which offers improved searching for cartographic

- ISI Web of Knowledge for UK Education. This course provides an
  introduction to the Web of Knowledge platform and the new Web of
  Science (version 5) which allows set searching and the new advanced
  search. It is intended to help new or novice users of the Web of
  Science become more proficient. The course will focus on the new WoK
  platform and cross searching and also on the new features within the
  Web of Science. This course does not cover the additional Web of
  Knowledge products. Available to members of subscribing institutions:

- zetoc gives access to the British Library?s Electronic Table of
  Contents (ETOC), a searchable database of nearly 20 million article
  titles from over 20,000 of the most important research journals and
  conference proceedings. Also includes a table of contents alerting
  service. FREE to members of most UK further and higher education

Who is the course for?
The course will be of interest to researchers, academics, librarians
and support staff within the Further Education and Higher Education
communities. Some experience of using a web browser will be useful for
the practical exercises.

  Lunch is not provided on this FREE course, but there are places to
  eat nearby.

How to Book:
  Course registration details etc. are available via the MIMAS Web
  site at:

  Bookings should be made via the MIMAS Helpline:
    Tel: 0161 275 6109
    Email: [log in to unmask]
  Alternatively you can book online via the MIMAS Web address given


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