At 16:58 18/06/2003 +0300, you wrote:
>Not that I am a specialist in that matter, but have you contacted
>the OPENGIS group? I'd expect them to be the experts that should have
>an answer before anyone else.
I assume you mean the Open GIS Consortium.

One of the people in my project team, who is involved in the meeting
mentioned in my previous e-mail, is Ian Turton from Leeds.  Ian goes to OGC
meetings (and in fact has just got back from one), and has contracts from
them to do reference implementations.

NB two snags with the OGC are (a) not all their information is freely
available to all comers on their web site and (b) membership can be quite
expensive (tho not too bad for universities).  From the outside, it can
look very intimidating, dominated by the US Defence Dept and very big IT
firms, but there is a lot of activity on open source implementations which
turns out to be less formal.

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