To members of CPHC

    The UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC) invites computing
    researchers who have demonstrated international research leadership
    to apply for membership. We anticipate a steady and significant
    increase in UKCRC membership. The mechanism for applying for
    membership and the criteria and procedures by which applications
    will be assessed are defined on our web page at the following urls.

    1. Invitation to apply for membership of UKCRC.

    2. UKCRC Membership Panel: Procedures.

    3. UKCRC Membership Panel: Terms of Reference.

    Note that the process of election to UKCRC membership is in accord
    with the best practice adopted by the top tier of professional
    bodies in Science and Engineering. This election process is
    transparent and open to any applicant. Applications and the
    comments of supporters will be kept strictly confidential to the
    Membership Panel. There is no quota on total membership of UKCRC,
    although there is a practical limit on the rate at which membership
    applications can be processed, since each application must be
    carefully scrutinised by a volunteer panel. New members will be
    announced at regular intervals. Please be patient if the outcome of
    your application is not determined immediately.

    Please forward this email to anyone you consider to be qualified
    and encourage them to apply. Apply yourself, if you meet the
    criteria. We are looking for industrial computing researchers, as
    well as academics -- indeed, industry is currently
    under-represented, and this imbalance needs to be redressed.

    The UK computing research community faces a number of significant
    threats and opportunities. This is reflected, for instance, in the
    recent discussions on this email list about computer research
    funding. Note that the next EPSRC international review is due in
    2006. To deal effectively with these issues, it is vital that our
    community speaks with one voice. UKCRC has now forged strong links
    with all the major UK computing bodies: CPHC, BCS and IEE, and has
    opened dialogues with our sister organisations overseas, such as
    CRA and ACM. We must now show that our whole community is united
    and active in its advocacy of computing research. An essential
    element of this is a widespread and representative membership. I
    strongly urge you to respond to this invitation to join UKCRC in
    the promotion of our discipline.

                Alan Bundy
                Convenor UKCRC

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