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                          LPAR 2003

          September 22-26th, 2003, Almaty, Kazakhstan


International Conference on
  Logic for
  Artificial Intelligence and


 Moshe Y. Vardi
 Department of Computer Science
 Rice University
 6100 S. Main St.
 Houston, TX 77005, USA
 Phone: +1-713-348-5977
 Email: [log in to unmask]

 Andrei Voronkov
 Department of Computer Science
 The University of Manchester
 Oxford Rd.
 Manchester M13 9PL, UK
 Phone: +44-161-2756116
 Email: [log in to unmask]


* automated reasoning                  * description logics
* interactive theorem proving          * nonmonotonic reasoning
* implementations of logic             * specification using logics
* design of logical frameworks         * logic in artificial intelligence
* program and system verification      * lambda and combinatory calculi
* model checking                       * constructive logic and type theory
* rewriting                            * computional interpretations of logic
* logic programming                    * logical foundations of programming
* constraint programming               * logical aspects of concurrency
* logic and databases                  * program extraction from proofs
* logic and computational complexity   * modal and temporal logics
* translation validation               * knowledge representation and reasoning
* proof-carrying code                  * reasoning about actions
* logic in semantic web                * effectively presented structures
* proof planning


Franz Baader (TU Dresden): Automata and Tableaux methods for Description
                           and Modal Logics
Serikjan Badaev (Kazakh State National University: Computable Numberings
Dexter Kozen (Cornell University): TBA
Sergei Goncharov (Novosibirsk State University): TBA
Thomas Wilke (Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel): Minimizing
                           automata on infinite words.


  Early Registration: July 18, 2003
  Conference: September 22-26, 2003


The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNAI
series and available at the conference.


Robert Nieuwenhuis and Albert Oliveras:
Congruence Closure with Integer Offsets

Dietmar Berwanger, Erich Graedel, Stephan Kreutzer:
Once upon a time in the west -- Determinacy, definability and complexity
 of path games

Dietrich Kuske:
Is Cantor's theorem automatic?

Markus Lohrey:
Automatic Structures of Bounded Degree

Boris Konev, Anatoli Degtyarev, Michael Fisher:
Handling Equality in Monodic Temporal Resolution

Martin Fraenzle and Christian Herde:
Efficient SAT engines for concise logics: Accelerating proof search for
 zero-one linear constraint systems

Matthias Baaz, Christian Fermueller:
A translation characterizing the constructive content of classical

Juergen Giesl, Rene Thiemann, Peter Schneider-Kamp, Stephan Falke:
Improving Dependency Pairs

Sebastian Brandt, Anni-Yasmin Turhan, Ralf Kaesters:
Extensions of Non-standard Inferences to Description Logics with
 transitive Roles

Serge Autexier, Carsten Schuermann:
Disproving False Conjectures

Barbara Morawska:
Completeness of E-unification with eager Variable Elimination

Davy Van Nieuwenborgh, Dirk Vermeir:
Ordered Diagnosis

Kumar Neeraj Verma:
On Closure under Complementation of Equational Tree Automata for Theories
 Extending AC

F.J. Martin-Mateos, J.A. Alonso, M.J. Hidalgo, J.L. Ruiz-Reina:
A Formal Proof of Dickson's Lemma in ACL2

Toshiko Wakaki, Katsumi Inoue, Chiaki Sakama, Katsumi Nitta:
Computing Preferred Answer Sets in Answer Sets Programming

Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa, Rekha Redamalla:
Strict Geometry of Interaction Graph Models

Margarita Korovina:
Fixed Points on Continuous Data Types

Silvio Ghilardi and Luigi Santocanale:
Algebraic and Model Theoretic Techniques for Fusion Decidability in
 Modal Logics

Paola Bruscoli and Alessio Guglielmi:
On Structuring Proof Search for First Order Linear Logic

Quoc Bao Vo, Abhaya Nayak, Norman Foo:
A syntax-based approach to reasoning about action

Christoph Walther, Stephan Schweitzer:
A Machine-Verified Code Generator

Christoph Beierle, Gabriele Kern-Isberner:
A logical study on qualitative default reasoning with probabilities

Jean-Michel Couvreur, Nasser Saheb, Gregoire Sutre:
An Optimal Automata Approach to LTL Model Checking of Probabilistic Systems

D. Galmiche and J.M. Notin:
Connection-based proof construction in Non-Commutative Logic

Alberto Ciaffaglione, Luigi Liquori, Marino Miculan:
Imperative Object-based Calculi in (Co)Inductive Type Theories

Thierry Boy de la Tour, Mnacho Echenim:
NP-Completeness Results for Deductive Problems on Stratified Terms

Bernhard Heinemann:
Extended Canonicity of Certain Topological Properties of Set Spaces


4th International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics
Saturday, September 27th, 2003,