I have just found Iron in Archaeology: The European Bloomery Smelters (Pleiner, 2000) listed at Oxbow Books for the UK - although only by searching for it, it doesn't feature in their relevant book lists - after seeing them listed as UK distributor on the Prague Institute of Archaeology web-site.  Further details: 400p, 73 b/w figs, 24 b/w pls (Archeologicky Ustav Av Cr 2000), ISBN 8086124266. Hardback. Price GB £24.50.

Oxbow Books is at

I have just sent an order - we'll see if they have it in stock, as it is no longer listed on the Prague Institute of Archaeology web-site's list of publications.  People might be interested to know that Pleiner is now, according to the web-site, working on a three-year project (ending 2004) leading to a further monograph to be entitled 'Iron in Archaeology: Early European Blacksmiths':

Chris Wood
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  I obtained the book from Prague directly. Tried through their website and email ( first, but got no reply. A telephone call did work though (Institute of Archaeology, Library, Letenská 4, CZ-118 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic Tel.:  00420257533782, fax:  00420257532288, e-mail: [log in to unmask] ). Be aware that the flooding of Prague may have wiped out their stock of this book..

  ISBN is 80-86124-26-6

  Title again: 

  Pleiner, Radomir,‎

              ‎2000.‎    Iron In Archaeology. The European Bloomery Smelters. Prague.

  Hope you (and others) can find it,


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