At JMU we issue the following advice to students.

Information for all students -Publication of final results.

Within the University it is normal practice to display examination results /
pass lists on internal notice boards.

The pass lists will contain student names and classification of award where

Students who have referral or deferral opportunities will be listed in a
separate category with the following statement: 'Students listed below have
RF /DF requirements and should contact XXXX for further information as a
matter of urgency'

Students who are FAIL / WITHDRAW will be omitted from the list. The list
will also contain the following statement: 'Any student who does not appear
on the list and who has not formally requested exclusion from the list,
should contact XXXX for further information as a matter of urgency'

In compliance with the Data Protection Act, you may request that your
results be excluded from the published lists. If this is the case then you
must formally notify the Director of your Home School, in writing, that you
wish your details to be excluded from the published pass list.

The notification must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the
date of the MAB /PAB. [MAB and PAB dates are listed on the Academic
Calendar, available on CWIS].

Students who request exclusion from the published pass lists should be aware
that such exclusion will delay their notification of results. Results will
not be given over the phone or via email.

We don't normally use seating plans for exams, where the venue is shared for
a number of different exams we will designate an area for each.

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I'm most interested to see this query - we have had terrible times
here with traditionalists (sorry for the freudian slip!)...

Answers for Oxford re
> (i) changed from publsihing pass lists by name to just by candidate
> number;

No, because our die-hards would not let this go through acad cttee.
However, as a consequence of students having the opportunity to
opt-out of publication we now have to have TWO lists:
        - one kept confidential (records-only) which has all
         students on it
        - one which goes on the noticeboards which omits the
        opt-outs - and which is headed "Display List - this list
        includes only those students who have agreed to the
         publication of their name"

The two versions of the list are produced automatically (opt-outs
students are flagged and the program omits their names from the
Display List) but I would NOT recommend this to anyone as a way
of dealing with the DPA requirements, only as a last ditch way to
deal with die-hards, as it's a shining example of producing
something which is literally not worth the paper it is printed on....

We also send each student by 1st class post within 24 hours of
the list production an Individual Result Notification with their overall
result (ie pass/fail, 2:1, etc); detailed results are available therafter
via tutors.

(ii) in some way changed your practice re publishing seating
> plans for examinations;

No, as we don't publish seating plans. We only display in the foyer
of the building which room each exam is in; and if a room is used
by more than one exam also sign-boards indicating the area of the
room each group should go to; in the room the desks are labelled
with candidate names.

Hope this is useful - I'd be interested to hear how many others are
continuing with lists...

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