I'd like to pass on to the list details of an online conference taking place on the 6th/7th Nov.  Please find links below for registration and any questions should be directed to Libby Riches: [log in to unmask]

Steve Dobson
University of York

Inspirational Landscapes - Heritage Places

On-line Conference 6 & 7 November 2002

"the raw character of place, so strong in this landscape, has strengthened our feeling for the connection between people and land"(Jim Sinatra & Phin Murphy, Listen to the People, Listen to the Land, MUP, 1999.)

Inspirational landscapes are landscapes that evoke a response - awe, excitement, creativity, action, reflection, or curiosity.
They are the landscapes that people celebrate and reflect on. They are those we take pleasure in and enjoy exploring, both physically and through painting, photography, music, performance, poetry or literature. They are the landscapes that people take action to protect. And most of all, they are the landscapes that give meaning and spiritual connection.
Through the Inspirational Landscapes project, the Australian Heritage Commission will explore the qualities that mark certain landscapes as 'inspirational', with the aim of developing a methodology for assessing the heritage significance of these places.
Ten evocative Australian perspectives on inspirational landscapes will set the scene for the On-line conference. Contributors include:

- Robyne Bancroft (Indigenous heritage practitioner).
- Veronica Brady (Roman Catholic nun and academic).
- Jamie Kirkpatrick (ecologist, geographer and gardener).
- Jeff Malpas (philosopher and academic).
- Mandy Martin (artist and lecturer).
- Stephen Martin (writer and researcher).
- Sally Morgan (artist and writer).
- Dailan Pugh (conservationist and artist).
- Deborah Bird Rose (life-affirming scholar and academic).
- Jim Sinatra and Phin Murphy (landscape architecture professionals).

Three On-line forums will be conducted over two days and will address the definition of 'inspirational landscapes', practical approaches to their identification and indigenous and colonial perspectives. Participants are also invited to share their own inspirational landscapes.
REGISTER NOW for the On-line Conference  http://heritageforum.truenorth.net.au/register.asp
VISIT the web site at http://heritageforum.truenorth.net.au