In English records dealing with imports from Rotterdam in the 18th century, I have come across references to 'long German steel' I know of three brands of this 'heart and club' 'Three flower de lus' [ i.e 3 fleur de lis] and 'bird and pinchers'.  These are descriptions of the marks, probably punched into the bars.  

It is very probable that some of this came from Styria in Austria.  Can any one enlighten me on what steel works (or towns) go with these brands?  I know that Solingen in Germany had a cutlery industry.  Does one of the marks belong to it for example?  the feur de lis is of course a French symbol.  If that is relevant,  what steel works used this?  

My sources come from a period when legal trade between England and France was in practice impossible due to the high tariffs.  However with Rotterdam as the provenance of the imports it is probable that the steel was shipped down the Rhine and that the iron was made in its hinterland.  

I am posting this query on this list rather than Arch-metals, as I think there are German members in this discussion group.  If so please feel free to distribute this query in any way that you think may produce an answer.  
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