Dear Shubhada Nagarkar,
Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in the Dublin Core.  I am copying your
email to the mailto:[log in to unmask] list mail server.  This
is an excellent resource for anyone interested in internationalization and
localization issues, and is the best place to address translation issues.
The homepage for this interest group is:

I am a co-chair of the DC-Registry WG and am actively involved in the
development of the DC metadata registry.  We are currently working to
include translations of both the DC metadata and the application user
interface in our initial release, which is scheduled for 9/30/2002.  If your
translations are available in time I would be interested in including them
in this release.

Thank you again for your interest.  Good luck with your translations, and
please keep us informed of your progress.  Feel free to ask questions and
raise issues with the working and interest groups.  They are there to help!

Very Best Regards,
Harry Wagner

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> Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 8:46 AM
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> Subject: New member
> Dear All,
> I am new member of DC-Registry. Very much interested to know new
> developments in this area. I am working on translation of Dc
> into Marathi
> language. I am trying to catalogue Internet sites and also cultural
> heritage literature using Dc.marathi Hopfully come up with
> something till
> next two weeks.
> Please let me know as a new researcher in this area, how one
> can register
> translated elements. Can i include dc marathi in simple html
> marathi file?
> Also need to know more about unicode.
> sincerely
> shubha nagarkar