I would very much like a copy of your CD-ROM.  If you could please send it to:'

Joy Wilkins
Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute
604 Washington Street, NW
Gainesville, GA 30501

Thanks so much!

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>Apologies for any cross-posting
>Dear colleagues
>The Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information
>Service web site - - is now available
>from me on CD-ROM. Ideal for presentation purposes and where
>internet connections are unreliable, the CD contains everything that
> was on the site as of March 2002 and can be navigated around
>just  like the site.
>The EDIAIS web site Information Resources section includes
>Application Guidance Notes designed to help you apply  best
>principles in your impact assessment strategy. Whether you are
>involved in microfinance, business development services, fair trade,
>urban or rural development, health, water… there are papers on our
>site to help you assess the impact of your project.
>In the Toolbox the different methods used in impact assessment
>are explained – quantitative and qualitative research, participation,
>using indicators etc. There are Case Studies to demonstrate
>different projects’ approaches to impact assessment.  Our
>newsletter, Enterprise Impact News is available.
>To receive your copy of the CD reply to
>[log in to unmask]  giving your  full postal address.
>Sarah Mosedale
>EDIAIS Project Research Officer
>Institute for Development Policy and Management
>University of Manchester
>Crawford House
>The Precinct Centre
>Oxford Road
>Manchester M13 9GH
>Tel: 0161 275 2815