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Call for papers_______________

 Papeles del Este is a biannual electronic journal that analyzes topics
related to the transformations that took place in systems demarcated by
their Soviet genre.  Thus, Papeles del Este aspires to go beyond our
mentioned scope of analysis by including the similar experiences of reform
seen in countries such as China, Cuba and Vietnam.

Our objective is to develop a forum of critical debate concerning the
changes that have taken place in the post-communist countries and to offer
an open editorial space where individuals may publish investigations that
rigorously study the transformation of the post-communist systems and it's
repercussions on the new world order.

Our intentions are to elaborate the essential questions that help in
understanding, analyzing and explaining the challenges dealt with by the
post-communist countries from an interdisciplinary view.  Each issue will
contain a monograph followed by a forum of debate; this latter section
will be composed of the ideas postulated in the monograph and of other works
the problematic of transition, not necessarily related with the monograph.
We would be pleased if you decide to collaborate with us by sending us
your articles.

The next issue of Papeles del Este. Transiciones poscomunistas (which will
be edited in June of 2002) will examine the economic, social and
institutional aspects of the new labor markets.

Furthermore, you can collaborate by sending:
· Addresses of websites
· Book and magazine reviews
· Dates of meeting and seminars
· Commentaries, critiques, proposals of topics for subsequent issues

For more information concerning norms of publication consult our web-site
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Postal Address
Papeles del Este, Transiciones Poscomunistas.
Departamento de Economía Aplicada I. Pabellón de 2º Curso.
Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y
Campus de Somosaguas. Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223 Madrid. España.