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i just received this morning the Medieval Institute [of Western Michigan U.]
Publications catalogue for 2000, which has this interesting listing:

_Personal Names Studies of Medieval Europe: Social Identity and Familial
Structures_  ed. George T. Beech, Monique Bourin, Pascal Chareille. (Available
Summer, 2002)  ISBN 1-58044-063-0 (Hb); 1-58044-064-0 (Pb)

"...seeks to describe the methodology and some results of a scholarly
enterpirse that is 'one of the most vibrant, innovative and
productive movements in medieval scholarship at the present time'
international team of scholars has been considering onomastics from the
persepctive of history rather than that of linguistics or
describe how medieval patterns of naming have implications for our
understanding of family relationships, kinship, and larger social

over-the-top hyperbole (say, isn't *all* hyperbole over-the-top?) aside, looks
like it might be an interesting collection of essays.

best to all from here,


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