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Sara McDougall <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I don't know the novel, 

highly recommended.

powerful, moving bit of work; not Nobel Prize quality, perhaps, but worth the
time and, as i say, fairly well founded upon valid historical research (as of
1960 or so).

>but if it's set post-1230 in Languedoc the good men or women or perfects or
heretics tended to travel with members of the opposite sex to try and avoid
being suspected of being a good man or woman or perfect or heretic

yes, that rings a bell (been 20+ years since i read it).

as i recall (and my knowledge is *entirely* based on Oldenbourg), the 
"Perfects," having taken the _consolamentum_ (?), the Single Sacrament of
their Church, granting Complete Absolution (which could only be given once in
a lifetime, and, herefore, was usually taken on the deathbed, if at all
possible), were especially vulnerable to any Lapse or Backsliding, since, if
they did Fall, there was no recourse whatever.  

their main work was traveling around the countryside, administering this
Sacrament wherever needed --which, of course, exposed them to the Eyes of the
Authorities all the more.

an interesting idea.

and, something of a contrast to the good Brothers who were running the
Inquisition and "Crusade" from the other side.  

Oldenbourg is certainly not an Objective Observer, but she does have a pretty
good point, in this instance, seems to me.

not exactly Mother Church's finest Hour.


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