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"A.E. (Rick) Wright" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>For a later period, see the essay on imperial bishops by Tom Brady in the
Heiko Oberman F'schrift, _Continuity and Change_; if rightly I recall, he
mentions several bishops of peasant origin.

yes, "for a later period."

there's the rub.

i just don't hardly believe that a *real* peasant could even get himself
accepted as a brother in a Frankish-Early Capetian monastery, much less rise
to be an abbot, much less be "elected" bishop of a reasonably important
diocese (or even an unimportant one).

no reason for thinking that --just my stubborn, ingrained Marxism (or, at
least, Harpoism), and my gut feeling about how Things Worked.

of course, the question is somewhat begged: if Lubin was seen, in the 13th c.,
to have been of "peasant" origins, it must have been possible for a shepherd
to become bishop?

or, maybe, that was his first miracle.... 

thanks, rick.


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