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Phyllis Jestice <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Leobin (Lubin) (d. 557)  Leobin was a peasant from the area around
Poitiers.  He became a monk, then a priest, then abbot, and finally 
bishop of Chartres.  

surely i've read this before (as in last year's Saints-o-the-Day for 14
March), but i never *read* it.

quite an extraordinary occurance, it seems to me, a peasant first becomming a
monk and then rising through the monastic ranks to become a bishop.

i assume that the AASS *does* indeed read "peasant" (or something comparable),
though the on-line Bautz biography (a wonderful resource, btw)

calls him a "Schafhirt" (which i take to mean "shepherd"), which is how he
appears in one of his miracles in a 13th c. window of the cathedral.

(Bautz/Ekkart Sauser also mentions that he was abbot of Brou, which is in the
Beauce, just south of Chartres, and later the home of Proust, i believe).

does anyone else know of a case of a man from a peasant background rising to
such heights?

or even (in the early/high m.a.) becomming a monk, much less an abbot??

i'd be interested to hear of it.

sounds a bit fishy, to me.

best from here,


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