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Today (22. March) is the feast day of:

Basil of Ancyra (d. 362)  Basil was a priest of Ancyra.  He supported his
Catholic bishop, Marcellus, against the Arians even after the emperor
banished Marcellus.  His trouble-making led the local authorities to
denounce Basil as disloyal to the emperor (Julian the Apostate, who wasn't
inclined to put up with troublesome Christians).  Basil was tortured and

Lea of Rome (d. 384)  The widow Lea was called "mother of virgins" because
she governed the convent of S. Marcella in Rome.  She belonged to the
circle of pious women that collected around St. Jerome; after Lea's death,
Jerome praised her great virtue.

Deogratias of Carthage (d. 457)  In 454 the already aged Deogratias was
elected bishop of Carthage.  During his time in office, Deogratias
especially cared for the refugees who came to north Africa after Geiserich
plundered Rome.

Elko (d. 1332)  Not formally canonized.  Elko was abbot of the
Praemonstratensian monastery Lidlom in the diocese of Utrecht
(Netherlands).  He was murdered by the rebellious brethren of his monastery
because of his strictness.

Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
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