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Today (3. March) is the feast day of:

Winwaloe (Guelnole) (5th or 6th cent.)  Legend reports that Winwaloe came
from England to Brittany in the fifth or sixth century.  He is credited
with founding the monastery of Landevennec in Brittany.

Anselm of Nonantola (d. 803)  Anselm was duke of Friuli and a close
confidant of Charlemagne.  In c. 752 Anselm founded the monastery of
Nonantola near Modena (Italy), becoming its first abbot.

Kunigunde (d. 1033)  Kunigunde was a daughter of the count of Luxembourg,
born in c. 980.  In 998 she married Duke Henry of Bavaria, who in 1002
became king/emperor Henry II.  Kunigunde collaborated with Henry in the
foundation of the diocese of Bamberg, and she also founded the nunnery of
Kaufungen in Hesse.  According to legend, enemies accused Kunigunde of
unchastity, which she disproved by walking on red-hot ploughshares.  Legend
also reports that Kunigunde and Henry lived together in chastity.  After
Henry died in 1024, Kunigunde became a simple nun at Kaufungen.  She was
canonized in 1200.

Gervin of St-Riquier (d. 1075)  Gervin was born in c. 1000 in Laon.  He
became a monk at St-Vannes in Verdun, and then from 1045 until his death
was abbot of St-Riquier in the diocese of Amiens.  He was a great promoter
of the Cluniac reform.

Frederick of Mariengaarde (blessed) (d. 1175)  Frederick was born at the
beginning of the twelfth century in Hallum (Frisia).  In 1163 he founded
and became first abbot of the Premonstratensian monastery Mariengaarde near
Hallum.  He seems to have been venerated as a saint in his own lifetime,
and after his death various of his relics were distributed to several
monasteries in Belgium.  He was beatified in 1728.

Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
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