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Today (2. March) is the feast day of:

Macra (d. c. 300?)  Macra was an early martyr, still honored in the region
of Rheims.  According to tradition, she was martyred in Rheims during
Diocletian's persecution.  Supposed relics of Macra were discovered
centuries later and a cult developed.

Ceadda (Chad)  (d. 672)  Chad, born in England at the beginning of the
seventh century, is lauded by Bede.  He was a disciple of St. Aidan, and in
part educated n Ireland.  King Oswiu of Northumbria named Chad bishop of
Northumbria---although Wilfrid also had claims.  In 669 Theodore of Tarsus
restored Wilfrid to the bishopric and deposed Chad, but soon reconsecrated
him as the first bishop of Mercia in 669.  Bede reports that after his
death, Chad was immediately venerated as a saint, with miraculous cures at
his tomb.

Charles the Good of Flanders (blessed) (d. 1127)  Charles was the son of
King (St.) Cnut of Denmark, born in c. 1084.  After his father was killed
in 1086, Charles went with his Flemish mother to the Flemish court, and in
1119 became count.  Charles was a great benefactor of churches, promoter of
monasteries, and supporter of the poor.  Most important for his odor of
sanctity, Charles was murdered during mass in the church of St. Donatian in
Bruges.  He was soon honored as a martyr.  He was beatified in 1883.

Fulk of Neuilly (blessed) (d. 1201)  Fulk was a priest in Neuilly-sur-Marne
at the end of the twelfth century.  Pope Innocent III commissioned him to
preach the fourth crusade.

Agnes of Bohemia (d. 1282)  Agnes was a daughter of King Ottokar I of
Bohemia, born in either 1205 or 1211.  When her father died in 1230, Agnes
abandoned the status of her rank, and also refused her suitor, Emperor
Frederick II.  Agnes founded a Clarissan convent, entering it herself and
becoming abbess.  She also founded the St. Francis Hospice in Prague.
Agnes was beatified in 1874, and canonized in 1989.

(By the way, I believe the "10,000 Knights" mentioned in a couple of recent
postings are one of the two groups of martyrs I included in my column of
12. February)

Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
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