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Dear John
The term used by Phyllis Jestice was: "cult formally approved in 1966".
I do not know what was decided in Rome in 1966, but:
Adelheid has really been a formally acknowled saint for centuries.
Locally is her cult well documented (especially in Pützchen, where her
reliquies are), she was included in the Acta Sanctorum in 1658 (Febr. I,
p.713-721), and the eminent "Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche" Vol.1, 1957,
has a separate article on her (col.142), specifically mentioned as *Saint*
(Feast February 5! - although her death was on the 3rd of February). The
"formal approval" in 1966 is most probably only a formality in conjunction
with the massive revisions during the Vatican Council II. (Could perhaps be
about the official date?)
As I see it, is her case not comparable to the other female saints where a
very late canonization has puzzled some members of this list.
Erik Drigsdahl

At 22:19 -0500 02/02/02, [log in to unmask] wrote:
>Dear Phyllis: Any ideas about why Adelheid of Vilich (d. sometime
>between 1010 and 1020) was not canonized until l966?
> John

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