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I am sure that someone will know the answer to my question, but I thank all
who respond in advance.

I have the following description of a wall painting dated c.1400 in Denmark.
I have been told that the depiction of Christ with a physical body before
the Incarnation at the Nativity is heretical in the eyes of the Church. Is
this correct? If so, can anyone give the citation from the Church records?

Tirsted. c.1400. (M-K 25-054) Annunciation. First panel. Left, angel, with
nimbus, left hand waist high, palm up, right hand points upward towards God.
Center top, God, with cross nimbus,
encircled by cloud, right hand, three fingers extended, in blessing towards
BVM, beam of light carries miniature Christ, with cross nimbus, carrying
cross, to head of BVM. Center, a lily in a vase. Right, BVM, with nimbus,
scroll, cannot read.

Thank again for any help.

James Mills

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