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Today (28. February) is the feast day of:

Proterios (d. 457)  Proterios became patriarch of Alexandria in 451,
succeeding the deposed Dioskoros.  His time in office seems to have been
short and miserable: the community continued to support Dioskoros, and when
the emperor who had appointed Proterios died, the people proceeded to
murder P.

Romanus of Condat (d. 463/464)  The hermit Romanus became a priest in 444
and, with his brother Lupicinus, founded the monasteries of Condat (later
St-Oyend) and Leuconne, as well as the convent La Beaume,  The brothers led
the two men's communities in turn, Lupicinus succeeding R when R died.

Sirin (Sira) (d. 559)  Sirin was a Persian, the daughter of a magus.  She
was impressed by the exemplary life of Christian women around her and,
after a dream in which an angel struck her with a rod, she had herself
baptized.  As a practicing Christian in that part of the world at that
time, Sirin had to suffer many humiliations, and was finally martyed.

Villana de Botti (blessed) (d. 1360)  Villana was born in Florence in 1332.
After a short spell of wedlock, in c. 1352 she entered the Dominican
order.  Until her death, she lived in Florence leading a highly penitential
life and caring for others.  A popular cult developed soon after her
death---the impressive 15th-cent. monument over her tomb in S. Maria
Novella is good testimony.  She was formally beatified in 1824.

Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
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