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Today (17. February) is the feast day of:

Finan (d. 661)  Finan was an Irish monk of Iona.  In 651 he succeeded Aidan
as abbot and bishop of Lindisfarne.  He was an active missionary in
southern England.

Silvinus (d. 718)  Silvinus was from Toulouse (France).  At first he was a
courtier, but he gave up that life and went as a pilgrim to the Holy Land
and Rome, according to tradition carrying a pack filled with stones.  Later
he became bishop of Therouanne, actively evangelizing that region for 40
years.  In the years before his death, Silvinus became a monk at

Constabilis (d. 1124)  Constabilis entered the monastery of La Cava near
Naples in c. 1077, at the age of seven.  He remained there for the rest of
his life, holding a series of offices that culminated in the abbacy for the
two years before his death.  Constabilis was highly regarded and called the
"shield of monks."

Mangold (d. 1150)  In 1106 Count Mangold founded the Benedictine monastery
of Isny (Germany), entering the community himself and becoming its first
abbot.  In 1150 a monk with whom he was arguing wounded Mangold so badly
that he died of his injuries.  He is honored as a martyr.

Evermod of Ratzeburg (d. 1178)  Evermod, born in c. 1100 in Belgium, joined
the nascent Praemonstratensian order in 1120.  He was Norbert of Xanten's
companion until Norbert's death in 1134.  Afterwords, Evermod worked for a
time in Magdeburg, then becme the first bishop of Ratzeburg.  He was a
successful missionary, winning the title "apostle of the Wends."

Lucas Belludi (d. after 1285) (blessed)  Lucas was a close companion of
Francis of Assisi, and later of Antony of Padua.  He was honored as a
miracle worker.  His cult won formal approval in 1927.

The Seven Founders of the Servite Order (died mid-13th cent. - 1304)  Seven
young men of Florence joined together in 1233 to lead a common religious
life.  They named themselves the Servants of Mary and adopted the
Augustinian Rule.  The seven were canonized in 1888.

Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
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