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Thanks to Thomas Sullivan - you are right on the spot!
The website with the Burnet Psalter is another fine scholarly achievement
from the University of Aberdeen, after the excellent Bestiary site was
completed almost two years ago. It is so new that I had'nt detected it yet
(it is still not finished).
You have in fact brought me exactly where I intended to get in the final
stage of my investigation, so it was a bulls eye, and you are my hero of
the day.
Tomorrow will I give a more detailed explanation of the problem, and tell
why another occurrence is so important.

What a great list this is!
Erik Drigsdahl

PS: Pro secte is not a contraction as suggested by Tom - the source is a
printed text, and perfectly legible.

At 19:33 -0600 12/02/02, Thomas Sullivan, OSB wrote:
>I did a google search for your text--didn't find anything that answers your
>questions but did find the text in a lovely book of hours, the Burnett
>Psalter, housed at the University of Aberdeen. I'm taking the liberty of
>including the URL with this reply:
>Thomas Sullivan, OSB

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