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>Can any learned list members direct me to discussions of the cult of St.
Nicholas before the translation to Bari in 1087? 

there is a particularly heavy-duty (2 vols.?), German study from the beginning
of the last century which i have seen cited on occassion, but never actually

this question came up a year or two ago, i believe it was on this list, and a
search of the list archives might turn that string up --some kind soul came up
with the exact citation, which i made a note of...somewhere, right here on my
desk, under just a few papers.....

>If the particular monastery, church, or whatever, that you are working on had
him as patron in the 11th c, I would also like to know about it.

as i mentioned in that previous string, it seems to me that i was constantly
comming across, in the charters, chapels dedicated to St. Nick in various
_castra_ ("castles") in the Chartrain in the later 11th c. i and had a working
theory that it was a question of Norman influence (duh) amongst the "knightly"
class, though i was never able to distinguish between chapels which were in
the "castle" proper (if, indeed, there was one) or in the _castrum_ as a
larger area within the fortification walls.

at that date i rather think that the distinction wouldn't have been made (and,
indeed, isn't, in the charters).

my servey was anything but systematic, however, and it just seemed like i came
across quite a few examples.

i'd be interested in hearing anything else anyone might have come across
relative to this subject.

best from here,


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