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>the Salt
> book is out now and orderable through
> for those interested (as well as some other great titles, including
> Jill Jones' latest, Kate Lilley and Kate Fagan, so I've put the
> details below) and as far as I know the Arc book will be out later
> this year sometime.

Hi Alison,

Looking forward to your others - already have Mnemosyne  - and thanks for
the wee plug.

Anyone in Sydney in late May is invited to launch of the two Kates and
myself into official saltiness at celebration at the Sydney Writers'
Festival. I have been holding off mentioning it as details aren't quite
final but we hope Chris Hamilton-Emery will be joining us by the harbour at
a final time and date to be specified but likely to be Friday May 31st in
the evening.


Jill Jones
50 Ruby Street
Marrickville NSW 2204

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