(apologies for this cross-posting)

I just thought I'd mention this, as a number of people have asked me about
when the next edition of A Chide's Alphabet will show its face. Currently,
the magazine is on hold, although I certainly have enough material for
another manifestation of it. The reasons for this are complex, but, to cut
the story short, when it first appeared it had a very clear direction and
purpose, its second issue was a kind of expansion and adumbration of the
debut. But now I find myself very uncertain of where I want it to go and,
too, I am very wary of it repeating itself. In a sense, I feel it said what
it had to say and the question is 'what next?'. It is a commonplace that
anything but monotony can be forgiven in art, but repeating oneself is an
aesthetic sin too. It has always been my policy that contributors are free
to publish the same material elsewhere, so there is no question of my
holding on to work submitted.

Anyhow, that's all, and I await the further disclosure of the impasse. The
magazine may or may not appear again, we shall see.



David Bircumshaw

Leicester, England

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