> The ideology of this school - in the Western suburbs and so face on
> with the various social ills here - came straight out of Vatican II
> and Liberation Theology.  It is also kind and practical.

My own experiences (way back when) relate to that tradition. It was Liberation
Theology, Christian Marxism, etc of both RC and Prot varieties. And most of the
Christians I know are still of that 'faith', more or less, and still in there
fighting in one way or another. I understand it even though I'm no longer 'of

> But I have seen a definite turn to the conservatism since Archbishop
> Pel (who, Jill, is actually an official on an organisation that used
> to be known as the Inquisition)

Yes, of course, you're right, Alison - as my partner, who knows much about
these things, is always quick to remind me when Pell's name is mentioned. Of
course, a lot of his public attitude is part of his tilt for cardinal.