"This poem" is primarily a performance piece. It generally goes down
well with UK audiences, but I was wondering whether the concerns it
addresses would mean anything to people in other cultures/countries. I'd
be grateful for any comments on whether it would 'work' in places other
than the UK.



This poem

(Based on an idea stolen from Anne Berkeley)

This poem is not here to show you anything.
It's here to tell, and when you've been told,
you'll stay that way.

And let's have no bleating about issues of choice.
You have no say in the matter: this poem
has a will of its own.

Unscrupulous, already with a conviction for theft,
it's unlikely to ask if anyone minds.
Least of all you.

It won't knock cautiously, bearing some
delicate image it hopes might serve
as payment for admission.

It'll march right in, break
through any obstructions it encounters, go
straight for the big abstract concepts.

The details you can fill in for yourself.