Call for Applications


Summer School of the 'Young Academy' (Die Junge Akademie an der
Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und der deutschen
Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina)

September 1st - 8th in Loveno di Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

The summer school entitled "The Young Academy of Emotions" focuses on
the role of emotions/feelings/sentiments in the representation,
construction, and normative formation of the world. The goal of the
summer school is to foster interdisciplinary discourse and exchange
between the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.
Towards this goal postdocs from all disciplines who are no more than
five years past their Ph.D. will come together in three workshops
focussing on "emotions and thinking", "the manifestation of emotions",
and "norms and emotions". The summer school will be held in German and
English, and no fees will apply.

Guest speakers include Paul Ekman (University of California), Ronald
DeSousa (University of Toronto), Sigrid Weigel (Freie Universitaet
Berlin), Hans-Juergen v. Bose (Hochschule fuer Musik, Muenchen), and Joseph
LeDoux (New York University, invited), Hans Belting, (HfG Karlsruhe, invited).

Applications should include information about the applicant's field of
study, research interests, a letter of recommendation and a detailed
letter of motivation. Applicants should further indicate a first and
second preference for a specific workshop.
Applications can be send before March 31st 2002 to

Dr. Oiver Grau, Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar der Humboldt-Universit=E4t
zu Berlin,  Dorotheenstrasse 28, 10117 Berlin,=20
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Further information is provided at:

Kunsthistorisches Seminar
Humboldt University Berlin
Dorotheenstr. 28; 10117 Berlin
fon: +49 (0)30 2093-4295 (direct)  - 4288 (secr.)
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