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See below. The dictionary is general - poor coverage of medical
terms / herb names / formulas, thus not very useful for TCM

Happy New Year to all - it will be the Chinese Year of the Horse!



See this from: Qi Journal <[log in to unmask]>


[We have] ... a complete Chinese to English dictionary [Online]. We
wrote a new interface to a public domain text file that lists 21,498
Chinese words and expressions. You can type in Chinese, pinyin, or
English and get a translation. This dictionary was written for those
able to view Chinese characters on their PC, but we knew that many
of our readers don't have such ability.... therefore we did our
largest project to date. We made 21,498 GIF pictures for our
simplified listings so you can view them with any browser. (yes, the
traditional characters are being worked on for a future update).
Visit the dictionary at

We have posted several new tools in the language area of our
cultural section. A new romanization converter is especially helpful
to discover that Lao Tzu and Lao Zi are the same person. Perhaps
this tool will help everyone become more consistent in their
romanizations. While I don't mind persons using any of the popular
systems (pinyin, Yale, or Wade-Giles), I think they should avoid
using a mixture of them in the same story (or sentence). Go to
and select the "language" subtopic.

Qi Journal Homepage:

We have posted several new articles on our web site, so it was time to
send out a notice. New articles include:
  "Comfortable Energies" in our feng shui section;
  "Fanning the Fire" in our Qigong/Meditation section;
  "Essential Energy of Foods" in the TCM area;  and
  "2002: The Year of the Horse" in our culture section.

We have been quite busy updating our site with new information.
Along with these new on line articles, we continuously post news
articles related to the topics we cover. You can find links to them
on our home page:

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