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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I neglected to tell the group that the 'picture' I want to paste into a bitmap file also contains 6 other charts layered underneath eachother, and some worksheet formating.

If it was just the chart (as my previous email suggested) the method would have worked.

I think I need a method to create a bitmap file and then paste from the clipboard ...

thanks Jim

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Subject: Re: Chart to Bitmap File


Try exporting the chart!

Sub ExportChart()
    Set myChart = Sheets("Charts").ChartObjects(1).Chart
    fname = "C:\temp.gif"
    myChart.Export FileName:=fname, FilterName:="GIF"
End Sub

Jim Byrne
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From: David Darwent [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
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Subject: Chart to Bitmap File

I'm trying to find a way to copy an image (a chart) from an excel worksheet
into a bitmap file (that will need to be created in vb run mode) using
visual basic for excel. I have had no trouble sending the chart to the
clipboard but have been unable to do the rest.

Does anyone know how to do this or have any ideas?

david darwent

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Subject: opening a WKS file

I received a WKS file that I'm unable to open.  Any thought on opening?
This is a MS Works file.  Is that the only appl that will open it?