Harry wrote,

> >  I don't see
> > the advantage to using RDDL.

Aaron  suggested "to use RDDL, RDF Schema, and (X)HTML to create a webpage that makes sense to
humans, XML processors and RDF tools."

The core of his suggestion is the - assumed as known and stable - RDFS presentation of the DC namespaces.

RDDL is used to provide xlink - metadata (here i view RDDL via it's mapping to RDF) for DC namespaces and documents.
This way we get a and a (or?).

My understanding of the status of xlink's/RDDL's mappings to RDF is "non-normative".
Some clarification about the consequences from the responsible agencies seems desirable (necessary?).

There is no suggestion to replace something with something else -  Such idea would not make sense at all.

Please move the discussion back to dc-architecture.


Ps.: Embedding of RDF into (X)HTML had been suggested also at the dc-tools WS. There are also implementations using it.