+ Issue 10 closes
+ Call for submissions on archaeology and education

A review of the CD-Rom tour of Ancient Carnuntum reviewed by Dr Eberhard
Sauer (Leicester)  and a second review by Prof. Martha A. Latta
(University of Toronto) on the Archaeology of Southern Ontario to A.D.
1650 have been published in Internet Archaeology.  Together with my
editorial on advertising, they mark the close of Internet Archaeology's
10th issue.

With an eye on future content, I am currently seeking submissions for a
journal theme on educational issues in archaeology.  I'd like to take a
fairly broad view of what such a theme might comprise, so proposals from
any point along the spectrum are open to consideration.  Given the
publication medium however, the application of technology in an
educational setting is obviously a central thread, and the opportunity for
chosen articles to include multimedia (video, animation, sound or other
interactivity) cannot be overstated.

     ** Contributions and perspectives about archaeology and education in
21st century from outside the UK are particularly welcome. Submissions
from museum professionals, archaeology tutors or other educational
practitioners would be very fitting **

If you are interested in submitting a proposal (no full text submissions
at this stage please!), go to the journal's author guidelines, and links
to our online submission form, at:

(ensure to mark your submission 'Education Theme')

Many thanks,

Judith Winters, Editor - Internet Archaeology
Department of Archaeology, University of York,
King's Manor, YO1 7EP,  UK