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Gerry McCarthy and Gareth Quinn have both left Newport - Gerry to Cork and Gareth to Limerick
Nick Jenkins
A&E Consultant,  Abergavenny

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Yes Rowley, Ireland seems to be opening up these days, I've also just heard
that Gerry McCarthy has left Newport for Ireland. Any idea where exactly
they went?

Congrats on your new post, will JMR still run the LIST?

Adrian Fogarty

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> Just a little note to let you all know that as John (Ryan) has gone to
Ireland, I have decided
> to move one stop down the coast and take his place at Brighton. I was
appointed a couple
> of weeks ago, but have to work about 3 months notice. Thanks for making
the space, John
> ;-)
> Best wishes,
> Rowley Cottingham
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