I am looking for some validated instruments to critically appraise
studies. It is important to find the 'best' studies, and a (validated)
rating system for all kinds of questions (intervention, diagnosis,
qualitative etc.) should be used.

Currently I am using the JAMA users' guides, but they are not validated
(or?) and comparisons between studies are difficult and subjective. For
RCTs I am working with the Jadad score. With all of those I could get a
'result', but not a 'comparing' (e.g. rated) solution.

We are developing a database for nurses in Germany and trying to offer the
best available evidence for some nursing problems -- but what is unbiassed
the best? A scoring system would be very useful... Does anyone know of
anything in this field?

Thanks in advance,
  Gero Langer

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Institute for Nursing and Health Sciences
German Center for Evidence-based Nursing
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