The following is general helpful advice to german-studies members, by way
of offering a less-helpful reply to James Parsons's query:

At 11:49 AM 6/1/2001 -0500, James Parsons wrote:
>In an overly hasty deletion of some e-mail recently, I inadvertently deleted
>a message having to do with a conference that had some connection with the
>intersection of biography and creative endeavor.
>If anyone still has this, could you kindly forward the notice to me (unless
>of course I simply dreamed it up!).

Although I have no personal recollection of such an announcement, I do have
three pieces of advice for anyone in similar situations:

1) Most discussion lists, including this one, offer searchable archives of
all previous posts on the list. Our searchable archive is at The top link there
takes you to the search page.

2) posts all conferences world-wide that are
related to Germanistik from all Web sources (including list archives).
Perhaps you'll find the conference you were thinking of there, although I
find no exact match to your query when I search for the strings "creat",
"kreat", or "biogra" in the conference calendar there.

3) At the bottom of that page
( there are links to more
general conference calendars, such as humanities or history, where you may
find the conference you're looking for.

Good luck,
Alan Ng
[log in to unmask]     linguae: US/DE/NL
German Dept., Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA