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The First International Workshop on

"Visual Interfaces to Digital Libraries:
Their Past, Present, and Future"

At the First ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
June 28th 2001, Roanoke, VA, USA

Katy Börner           Chaomei Chen
Information Science   Department of Information Systems
Indiana University    Brunel University
USA                   UK
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The workshop aims to bring together researchers and
practitioners from the information visualization community
as well as the library and information science community
to address significant issues concerning the development
and use of visual interfaces in digital libraries.
The workshop also aims to reflect on the past and the state
of the art of information visualization and digital libraries
technologies so as to identify the research and development
agenda for the future. Participants of the workshop will
be invited to contribute a book on this topic.

The workshop features an invited talk from Stephen Eick,
Visual Insight, a front-runner in applying information
visualization technologies to business and digital
information processing.

Details of presentations and software demonstrations
are now available on the Web:

All workshop participants are required to register for
WS01 ($75.00 to $95.00) via the JCDL registration page.
You do not need to register for JCDL if you
attend the workshop only.

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