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Otfried, it makes you wonder what else people might have been hiding up
their (seamless?) sleeves. The Tertullian page I met over a year ago,
and assumed (wrongly?) I was the last to learn of: and so I didn't tell
anyone! This just serves to point out that even ORB, Mediaevum,
Ménestrel and many others are only the sum total of their
correspondents. I'd rather have naive messages (which I can delete)
pointing me to sites I already know than none. There is still no
centralised list which matches our interests -- is it dangerous to want
one, I wonder, or does this thwart scholarship, thereby pre-empting
original discovery?

On sleeves, I wonder what is the origin of 'a sleeveless errand', this
being an exercise in futility? I think we have this in Hartmann von
Auwe, though I am  not sure, but I am interested in all medieval
proverbs that survive to the present.


Angus, Sultanate of Oman

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