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Dear Patrick,

I happen to have some references, but they are taken from second hands, so
that I cannot supply any synopsis or other insight. In addition to Matthews
already  quoted by Dee Dyas I have:

    [on the labyrinth at the cathedral of Reims] in: Journal
    of the Society of Architectural Historians 22 (1963),
HOWARD Donald R.
    The Idea of the Canterbury Tales, U of California Press,
    1976, p.326ss.
    Labyrinthzeichnungen in Handschriften. In: Codices manu-
    scripti 4 (1978), p.33-65
    Labyrinth: Studies on an Archetype. New York: LEGAS, 1987
BEAL Rebecca Sue
    Dante in the Labyrinth. In: Mediaevalia 13 (1987 [1989]),
DOOB Penelope Reed
    The Ideae of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through
    the Middle Ages. Ithaca / New York / London: Cornell UP,
    1990, xviii+355 pp.

There is also an article on labyrinths by F. Cabrol and H. Leqlerq in the
_Dictionnaire d'arche'ologie chre'tienne et de liturgie_, t.VIII (Paris
1928), 973-982. Doob is probably the right thing to start with.

Best wishes,


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