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Recent books (and other things)

New video

Working in the field, VHS, col, 25min, ukp25.00.
An introduction to multi-use generic fieldwork techniques applicable to
archaeology, geology, ecology and landscape studies. Covers areas such as
safety, access, observation, recording, and analysis and follow-up.
Available from University of Liverpool, Centre for Continuing Education, 19
Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 7ZG, tel 0151 794 2659

Received at the CBA

Search: the Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology annual report
1999/2000, 24pp, ill, pb, 2001, no ISBN

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales report
1999-2000, 44pp, ill, English & Welsh, pb, 2001, no ISBN

Knightly, Charles, Chieftains & Princes: a power in the land of Wales, 36pp,
col ill, pb, reprint, Cadw, 2001, ISBN 1-85760-001-0

Kenyon, John R & Spurgeon, CJ, Coity Castle, Ogmore Castle, Newcastle, 52pp,
col ill, pb, Cadw, 2001, ISBN 1-85760-112-2

Taylor, Arnold, Caernarfon Castle, 44pp, col ill, new ed, pb, Cadw, 2001,
ISBN 1-85760-147-5

Renn, Derek & Avent, Richard, Flint Castle, Ewloe Castle, 36pp, col ill, rev
ed, pd, Cadw, 2001, ISBN 1-85760-182-3

Listed in the Bookseller

Vince, Alan & Steane, Kate, Archaeology of Wigford and the Brayford Pool,
370pp, Lincoln Archaeological Studies, ukp60.00, Oxbow Books, Mar 2001, ISBN

Williams, Dyfri, (ed) Parthenon sculptures: cleaning and controversy, 248pp,
145 ill (20 col), pb, ukp24.99, British Museum Press, Mar 2001, ISBN

Bord, Janet & Bord, Colin, Ancient mysteries of Britain, new ed, pb,
ukp9.99, House of Stratus, Mar 2001, ISBN 1-84232-022-X

Cleere, Henry, Southern France: an Oxford archaeological guide, 250pp, ill,
pb, ukp13.99, Oxford University Press, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-19-288006-3

Korres, Manolis, Stones of the Parthenon, 64pp, 26 ill, pb, ukp10.95, J Paul
Getty Museum, US, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-89236-607-9

Mee, Christopher & Spawforth, Tony, Greece: an Oxford archaeological guide,
300pp, 200 ill, pb, ukp14.99, Oxford University Press, Mar 2001, ISBN
Schofield, Louise, Mycenaeans, 200pp, 112 ill, ukp20.00, British Museum
Press, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-7141-2090-1

Wood, Michael, In the footsteps of Alexander the Great, 256pp, new ed, pb,
ukp12.99, BBC, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-563-53783-3

Thompson, Francis, Lewis and Harris: History and pre-history on the western
edge of Europe, 192pp, ill, pb, ukp4.99, Luath Press, Mar 2001, ISBN

Hallam, Elizabeth & Hockey, Jennifer Lorna, Death, memory and material
culture, 224pp, ill, Berg, Mar 2001, hb, ukp42.99, ISBN 1-85973-374-3, pb,
ukp14.99, ISBN 1-85973-379-4

Carter, Howard, Tomb of Tutankhamen vol 2: burial chamber, 400pp, 88 ill,
new ed, pb, ukp16.99, Duckworth, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-7156-3075-X

Davis, Theodore M, Tombs of Harmhabi and Touatankhamanou, 240pp, 92 ill, pb,
ukp19.99, Duckworth, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-7156-3072-5

Fitton, J Lesley, Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age, 212pp, 83 ill, new ed,
pb, ukp12.99, British Museum Press, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-7141-2230-0

Barkan, Leonard, Unearthing the past: Archaeology and aesthetics in the
making of Renaissance culture, 448pp, 206 ill, new ed, pb, ukp14.95, Yale
University Press, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-300-08911-2

Dyer, James, (ed) Discovering  prehistoric England, 160pp, ill, rev ed, pb,
ukp8.99, Shire, Apr 2001, ISBN 0-7478-0507-5

Lewis, Carenza, (ed) Rising tide: Archaeology and coastal landscapes, 250pp,
pb, ukp35.00, Oxbow Books, Jan 2001, ISBN 1-84217-028-7

Parlama, Liana, (ed) Athens: The city beneath the city - antiquities from
the metropolitan railway excavations, 416pp, 500 col ill, ukp45.00, Abrams,
Apr 2001, ISBN 0-8109-6725-1

Choay, Francoise, Invetnion of the historic monument, 304pp, 11 ill,
ukp47.50, Cambridge University Press, Apr 2001, ISBN 0-521-45474-3

Kerrigan, Michael, Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean, 96pp, 100 col ill,
ukp9.99, BBC, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-563-53760-4

Kerrigan, Michael, Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, 96pp, 100 col ill,
ukp9.99, BBC, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-563-53778-7

McIntosh, Jane & Twist, Clint, Civilizations, 240pp, 279 col ill, ukp19.99,
BBC, Mar 2001, ISBN 0-563-55191-7

Morkot, Robert, Empires of ancient Egypt, 96pp, 100 col ill, ukp9.99, BBC,
Mar 2001, ISBN 0-563-53758-2

Barr, Niall, Flodden, 1513: The Scottish invasion of Henry VIII's England,
176pp, 105 ill, pb, ukp14.99, Tempus, Apr 2001, ISBN 0-7524-1792-4

Nevett, Lisa C, House and society in the ancient Greek world, 222pp, 5 ill,
new ed, ukp15.95, Cambridge University Press, Apr 2001, ISBN 0-521-00025-4

Jonathan Bateman
Council for British Archaeology
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