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Scottish Archaeological Forum are pleased to announce a conference:

Modern Views - Ancient Lands:
New Work and Thought on Cultural Landscapes

27-28th October 2001, University of Glasgow

Conference Abstract:
The study of archaeological landscapes has advanced significantly since the
concept first began to permeate the discipline more than fifty years ago. In
both research and rescue contexts, many practitioners seek to understand how
people occupied the landscape beyond the individual site, employing a
variety of methodological and theoretical approaches.

This conference will explore current attempts to interpret cultural
landscapes particularly, but not exclusively, in Scotland and will encompass
a broad range of approaches. As we are unavoidably involved in the tension
that sometimes arises between the interests of the archaeological resource
and the need for economically viable land use, the conference will also
consider the conservation and management issues affecting the survival of
archaeological landscapes. In addition, we will examine how effective
presentation of archaeological landscapes can contribute to their survival.

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