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Slightly off the beaten track in terms of Britarch material, but I hope
the first article in the 10th issue of Internet Archaeology might be of
interest to some members!

        'A Late Period Caranqui Chiefdom in the Northern Highlands of
        Ecuador: Archaeological Investigations at Hacienda Zuleta'
        by Elizabeth Currie

During the course of the fieldwork interventions at Hacienda Zuleta, an
important Caranqui 'ramp mound' site in northern Ecuador, several
archaeological features were uncovered. As well as remains of a structure
beneath one of the mounds, the fieldwork has also established the first
unequivocal evidence for the presence of intensive raised field
agriculture (camellones) at the site, capable of sustaining the high
population densities postulated for the region at the time (13th century
AD). Tephra deposits identified as deriving from the eruption of Quilotoa
volcano (c. 800 BP) were also revealed.

From Vesuvius to Mount St Helens to Pinatubo, volcanic eruptions are
capable of causing major social and environmental catastrophes. The
'plinian' eruption of Quilotoa as now witnessed in this fieldwork left
an ash layer up to 10 cms thick over the site. Elsewhere in the region,
the eruption is thought to have led to wholesale abandonment of the land.
However at Hacienda Zuleta, there is evidence pointing to
post-ashfall land-reclamation.

New radiocarbon dates have also provided further clarification for the
chronology of this major volcanic episode, now believed to determine
the start of the 'Late Period' in Ecuador's northern sierra.


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