I had not noticed the Ceasar connection before, sounds good.
Claudius certinly wanted to be a proper imporator, unlike his dotty nephew. His reign started with a military rebellion of the what Rome needs is a real soldier variety.

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Re Claudius and his elephants:

I read a book recently (and can't find the title or author just now -
sorry) which gave what, to me, seemed plausible evidence that Caesar
had brought elephants in the second of his campaigns, largely because
he could and it was designed  to piss off the senator who had taken
the trouble to bring them from Africa.  The theory is that this was
known by Claudius and his people and that in taking elephants, he was
more fully emulating Caesar. Thus it was a political act with
resonance in Rome rather than a military or strategic one with
intended consequences in Britain.


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