Joseph Elders reasons do seem to be those of most people who don't join. In
actual fact applying does not need to be nearly as onerous as appears from
the handbook - which is amazingly off putting and needs to be simplified if
the IFA wants to increase its membership - as I keep saying to a colleague
who has been on the Council. Those who have been in archaeology for years
must have a few offprints about the place - you don't have to send in
everything you have ever done (just list as many as you can remember!), nor
do you need to detail every excavation or project you have ever been on (the
last few and relevant years should be sufficient) or produce proof you can
do absolutely everything mentioned in your AoC.

The more people that join the better it OUGHT to be and the more it can do
for the profession as a whole. That's what I tell myself anyway. They are
setting standards, but “standards and guidance” documents are useless if
people only pay lip service to them or if work is not monitored properly.
Monitoring surely is the key and it does not just mean counting IFA members
on the project team and asking if they are working in accordance with IFA
guidelines. This needs to be addressed more directly. If the IFA can create
a world where shoddy work is rejected and quality gets its rewards more will
join.There are a lot of people out here who are doing good work and ought to
be members.

The sub is a lot admittedly. And the cost of the conference is ridiculous.


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I have never joined mainly because the IFA never seems to actually do
anything useful, and also because applying for Member status involves an
incredible amount of form-filling and work getting copies of publications
etc together.  It really would take days. If it would also cost me, on the
basis you mention, about £200 a year - forget it.

What did the IFA ever do for me? The only real thing I have noticed is that
they try and block me from employment because I am not a member.  Time the
IFA was disbanded and re-founded on a different basis altogether.

Just my personal opinion....

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> I was very surprised to be told by the family archaeologist that the IFA
> subscription is salary related and that members earning £12K-16K pay £70 a
> year and this rises to £140 at £16K and goes up further for higher
> salaries.
> If this is correct I am surprised that IFA has any members at all. Amnesty
> or not he will not be rejoining IFA because of the cost and because he
> does
> not consider that it offers value for money
> I belong to two profesional societies, both for professions where the
> average salary is probably tracking £30K. One is of a similar size and
> level
> of operations to IFA and has a flat rate subscription of £80. The other is
> much larger and operates on a far larger scale and has a flat rate
> subscription of £98. My husband is a Chartered Engineer and a member of
> one
> of the main engineering institutes. He pays just over £100 a year, again
> this is not salary related.
> If i was offering marketing advice to IFA i would be suggesting that their
> problem was that they had priced their ptoduct out of the market and that
> deep price cuts were necessary if they wanted to increase membership - and
> income.
> Catherine Petts
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